Take part in sight survey

Dear Sir,

It’s clear to see that eye health is an issue which affects us all - in fact, over 85% of people across the UK say they value their sight above all other senses. Therefore we feel it’s crucial that everyone has the opportunity to have their say about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.

That’s why we’re calling on your readers whose lives have been affected by sight loss, family members, friends and those who act as carers, and eye health professionals to contact us and help change the future of eye research by taking part in our Sight Loss and Vision survey.

The Sight Loss and Vision survey is a new initiative which asks people to put forward their most pressing questions about eye research. This will ensure that future research programmes funded by charities and organisations across the UK can be targeted according to the needs of people whose lives are affected by sight loss, as well as eye health professionals who are providing vital support.

So if you’re concerned about healthy vision, or would like to understand more about eye research and sight loss conditions, we’d like to hear from you.

Anyone who would like to take part in the Sight Loss and Vision survey can do so online by visiting www.sightlosspsp.org.uk or by contacting the charity Fight for Sight on 0207 264 3900. Large print and braille versions of the survey are available on request.

Yours faithfully, Michele Acton, Chief Executive, Fight for Sight.