Taking the enjoyment out of train travel

I READ with interest C Cassidy’s letter regarding an appalling rail service on the Hastings line to London.

Although I am not a commuter I do use the rail service to London from time to time and have commuted daily in the past. I totally agree with Cassidy’s remarks on the landslide problems near Wadhurst, this would have never had happened if the rail service hadn’t cut down so trees on the embankments. Yes, leaves on the line is an annual problem, yet Network Rail have the resources to solve that without removing trees. I agree that some trees should be pruned nearest to the track.

I used to commute further up the line when I did not live near Battle and my job at the time was in London, and often meant working at weekends. The replacement bus services never worked then, never do now and will not in the future. This is because of the traffic problems involved, lack of information, bus drivers who put their arms up in the air when asked a sensible question and lack of buses. It just simply cannot cater for the issue in hand.

I really think Network Rail need to look at the real problems on the Hastings to London line which could be a great service. I have always being interested in and loved rail travel and I think that due to ever increasing ticket prices there should be the resources available to supply a better service, especially as I feel there has been no improvement since the time of the Hastings Diesels, in fact it was probably better then! Also the newer the trains don’t seem to be as reliable as (hate to say) slam door trains, with proper comfortable seats.

Things have improved with the new rolling stock, but I don’t think a lot of thought has gone into how they can cope with our British weather as they always used to.

One should be able to enjoy using the rail service and that enjoyment I feel is now being lost.

Christopher Millns

Brede Lane