Tar and feather scarecrow vandals!

IN RESPONSE to your article ‘The final straw for scarecrow’ (July 15) and other recent reports of vandalism in Battle, it is time for residents to make their feelings known.

Like many others, I was particularly angered by the removal and destruction of scarecrows after their creators had put in so much effort.

I appreciate that the police do not have the resources to deal with this as a top-priority crime; so, perhaps it is time these vandals are punished using old-fashioned methods.

We might be able to borrow the stocks from Ninfield - there should soon be plenty of rotting fruit about!

Alternatively, and more fitting the crime, tie them to the stakes and dress them as the scarecrows; adding some tar and feathers for good measure.

Being soft on vandals over the past few decades has failed to produce a better society.

I hope others will make their views known.

John Harmer