Terrible mess on the beach

I took 3 of my Grandchildren to Winchelsea Beach recently and was utterly appalled and disgusted at the condition of the approach to the beach and surrounding pathways.

Dog ‘poo’ was everywhere, on the pebbles going onto the beach, on the banks and the grassy edges of the paths. Sometimes on the road itself. The dog owners cannot have failed to be aware of their dogs fouling and I cannot believe that responsible residents of Winchelsea Beach could countenance such irresponsible behaviour.

Needless to say the children all took their boots off when returning to my home but the boots must have smelt like a sewer and I was very sorry for my daughter-in-law who had to face that on returning to London.

Surely someone could be seconded to clear up this revolting mess before the Summer holidays?

Gillian Tugman

Rookery Lane