Thanks for filling in BLAP questionnaire

MAY I use the pages of your paper to thank all of the residents of Battle and Netherfield who took time to fill in the recently distributed Battle Local Action Plan Questionnaire?

I have started to collate the many responses and, when finished, these will be printed in a revised edition of the Battle Local Action Plan.

This is expected to be in June. Having such a good response rate shows that, yet again, our residents really do care about our town!

The Plan is very important to our area as it helps to guide voluntary groups and your local councils in providing the facilities that are really wanted (and are affordable).

It also can show to bodies that are able to provide grants that there is a basis for the request for money and that any project funding requests are not for ‘ego’ schemes!

The new Plan will have a life of about three to four years before a further revision will take place.

So, Battle and Netherfield residents, thank you.

Richard J Jessop

Vice chairman of Battle Town Council and member of the BLAP Steering Group