Thanks for the pre-school nursery years

I would like to voice my thanks for the absolutely fantastic two years my little boy, Davie, has just spent at The Farmyard Nursery in Ashburnham. I would like to say a huge thank you to Tom and Sara and all the staff for their wonderful care and kindness. Davie had many happy days at the Farmyard and will treasure many wonderful memories. He was extremely lucky to have been in an environment surrounded by the beautiful countryside, with far reaching views, which allowed fabulous educational walks in the fresh air. Davie thoroughly enjoyed the access to the open barn where he could learn through play with all of his friends.

In addition to the wonderful home cooked dinners and outstanding staff, Davie was able to see so many animals. How many four year olds get the opportunity to see Helen the cow’s baby calf after 5 minutes of being born?

It is no wonder that there is a long waiting list, but it was certainly worth the wait for a place to become available!

Although Davie is now at school, the Farmyard is very much missed as part of our daily routine. Keep up the good work and many thanks for all that you done.

The Family of Davie Duval

Lunsford Cross, Ninfield