Thanks to Battle vet for helping injured goose

I’d like to write about what I saw on Tuesday at 3.30pm on the London to Battle road.

A goose was injured and nearly caused a pile up twice in a couple of minutes due to speeding traffic.

I pulled in alongside the bird and saw it was extremely distressed and obviously injured.

I called the RSPCA but after hanging on for 15 minutes I gave up and called Senlac Vets in Battle.

Within 10 minutes Lukas, one of their vets, had arrived to help us.

A local woman concerned that there may be a serious car accident had also called the police.

Two very helpful policewomen were excellent and controlled the traffic safely and allowed us to capture the injured bird.

I just want to say a massive thanks to Lukas and the staff at Senlac who could have just ignored my call but they didn’t and came out straight away.

The staff there are all brilliant and do fantastic work locally for animals.

I also want to thank the two policewomen and the local lady who helped me keep the bird safe until the vet arrived.

It is nice to know that there still are people around who genuinely want to help injured animals and not are just interested in making profits all the time.

Well done Senlac, Lukas and the policewomen too.

Catherine Cable

Rother View, Robertsbridge