Thanks to Rother’s Good Samaritans

I WONDER if it might be possible to thank not one, but two, Good Samaritans via your letters page?

First there was the kind person who found my keys, lost somewhere between our house and the village, and put them anonymously through the letterbox of some friends in the High Street who were displaying a notice about them.

The bunch included keys to two other properties as well as our house and car, so it was a huge relief and I am enormously grateful.

Then the next day my husband went to the bank in Battle to pay in a number of cheques from contributors to our village magazine, only to find when he reached the bank that he had the paying-in book but no cheques.

Assuming he must have forgotten to pick them up, he came home again to look and almost at once had a phone call from Battle police station.

Another equally kind person had found the cheques (and a £10 note) blowing around in the car park, and had handed them all in intact.

Again, a huge relief and again, we are enormously grateful to whoever it was.

So, with so much bad news about these days it’s nice to be able to report something more cheerful.

As to whether my husband and I should be allowed out on our own, of course that’s another story.

Mrs S Brazier

Brightling Road, Robertsbridge