The anti-social few must be controlled

THE bonfire season has drawn to a close and all credit to the many society members who do so much during the year to raise funds to put on such spectacular events – long may they continue.

The processions and fireworks undoubtedly have wide support and rightly so.

However, may I add a note of caution. There needs to be a balance.

Having been woken at 7am on Saturday by the resounding ‘maroon’ (fair enough – it’s tradition), I enjoyed the Robertsbridge event in the evening (fog notwithstanding) – but I was not planning a late night.

Not an option, however, because various individuals saw fit to set off thunder flashes continuously throughout the evening after the main bonfire and fireworks - the last one I heard before finally dropping off was at 2.15am on Sunday.

Whilst I am full of admiration for the way in which the bonfire societies (and the other services) manage these events and accept that those indulging in this anti-social behaviour are probably not their own members, I think that they need to come up with some system of controlling the anti-social few.

Failure to do so is only likely to lead to less local support.

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