The case for high speed trains

Rye needs a High speed service. The Queens Head Crowd seem to have forgotten local businesses. In Rye needs foot fall to survive.

We need people from London to get here in 55 minutes to see Rye as day visit. It is well known that coaches come here on Market day and only go to the market.

Yes it would be nice for us too, London in 55 minutes and later trains to go to the Opera go or see a play. Most of us park at Ashford to catch the last High Speed train to Ashford. Then, drive from Ashford back home to Rye.

At the moment if the High Speed is used, diesel train to Ashford, wait 25 minutes and catch the high speed service to London. The time saved to London is not just a few minutes it amounts to a half an hour less time spent.

Yes we need High Speed for the reasons I have given. At least the Council for once have seen sense.

Peter Hillier-Palmer

RailFuture Sussex & South Coast Division