The Dad’s Army of environmentalists

I WAS very happy to see that the unscientific ‘pub conversations’ from the local climate change sceptics amused the chairman of Transition Rye, so it was with a sense of disbelief when after accessing their website, I found that they appear to hold their meetings regularly in the Queen’s Head pub. Would they be having an unscientific pub conversation, I ask myself? Surely not!

Now, if I was of a vindictive nature I would accuse the chairman of rank hypocrisy but will let it pass and am happy for the Rye residents that they have such a dedicated band of eco-warriors ready and willing, subject to funding requirements, to bring major changes to the energy supply to the town, bringing it under community management for the benefit of all, together with new jobs that this adventurous scheme would provide.

Determined to find out more and to see if there would be anything that would benefit the residents of Peasmarsh, I visited many Transition Town websites and came to the conclusion that their schemes are nothing more than a rehash of ‘The Good Life’ coupled to ‘Dad’s Army’.

No new methods of producing electricity and therefore no new jobs and as far as I could ascertain, just a ‘Deeper Shade of Green’.

So my unscientific advise to anyone looking for a career with this well meaning but hopelessly unsuited to the real World, group of environmentalists would be to hang on to what you’ve got.

Harry Kennard

Main Street