The facts are that the UK does not have a low growth economy, while the EU economy is in decline

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Bernard Mabon, London Road, Battle

The letter in the Observer by David Daniels demonstrates how those with a vested interest in the EU will go to any lengths to distort the truth.

The facts are that the UK does not have a low growth economy, while the EU economy is in decline.

Unemployment in the UK is four per cent. In Italy and France it’s around nine per cent, in Spain over 14 per cent, in Greece over 18 per cent. Germany, regarded as the power house of the EU, has unemployment of 3.4 per cent but even here the economy is faltering.

The EU’s leaders have shown they do not want to change their economic model, putting ideology above everything else.

Without change the EU will eventually fall apart.

That is why the UK must seize this golden opportunity to make a clean break now from the sclerotic EU and once again become an independent nation managing our own affairs, just as we have done for centuries. We need to strengthen our economic ties with the Commonwealth countries and trade with the EU and the rest of the world on equal terms, we do not need to be part of a political union to trade with the EU.

The present lack of confidence in the business world is the direct result of the delay and dithering of a Prime Minister who supported remain in the referendum and is now doing all she can to create a situation where the only solution would seem to be to stay in the EU.

Refusing to honour the result of the referendum will destroy what little faith is left in democracy in this country and could result in the type of civil disorder seen in France taking place here.

We need leaders who believe in Britain and its ability to compete and succeed on the world stage, just as it has done in the past.

By setting an example we can show what can be achieved when individual countries are given back control of their own economies.