The food is off - or is it just Rother?

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Rother District Council must now be the laughing stock of the LGA (Local Government Association) with regards to their grossly incompetent implementation of the FSA’s ratings scheme.

How could they possibly allow the publication of such erroneous results without even considering the damage to reputation and subsequent loss of revenue to these hard working local businesses?

Just how much of our money has RDC wasted on the disgraceful management of this initiative?

What happened to Rother’s internal “checks and measures”?

Surely all those involved, including the director responsible, should resign with immediate effect.

Any continuance of the FSA’s scheme should be offered to the private sector as RDC is patently unable to administer it.

In these times of austerity, the residents of Rother can no longer afford to maintain this public refuge for incompetent jobs-worths. Be gone!

Adam Smith

Tillingham Court, Rye