The magnitude of the First World War

The events leading up to the outbreak of The Great War are likely to be remembered for many years to come with exceptional clearness; for such was the magnitude of the catastrophe that then overtook the civilization of Europe, and so widespread were its affects that not a single individual in any of the belligerent countries-whether victorious or defeated-can have remained entirely unaffected by it.

None but the briefest reference to these momentous events is therefore necessary.

The conflagration that flared up in South-Eastern Europe in July 1914 spread rapidly;and first one great nation and then another became involved,until a mighty conflict was inevitable.

At first,Great Britain stood aside;but a policy of neutrality was rendered impossible by Germany’s attitude in the negotiations that preceded the was by her violation of Belgium.

On 3rd August,therefore an ultimatum was sent;and,as no reply was received,the formal declaration of war followed. Thus before the expiration of the 4th August Great Britain found herself engaged in the greatest war of history;and the mobilization of her armed forces was ordered forthwith.

Over 700,000 young British soldiers gave their lives for this great country. Go to France, and see the many war graves that litter the land.

In the last century,there has only been 1 year when there has not been any wars or fighting.

This is the opening paragraph of my Grandfather’s book, about his Regiment in,The Great War.

Johnnie Elliott