The only bad thing about Brexit is the doom-mongering we get from the Remainers

From: C Arkley, Kings Avenue, Rye

As we move closer to Brexit Day it is with increased certainty we will see more of such fatuous doom-mongering as posted by Elizabeth Hart of Battle.

Her ‘Goodbye to the 21st century’ should have been completed with ‘and welcome to a whole new world’.

The assertions she makes regarding loss of free wi-fi, expensive cash withdrawals, no freedom of movement, etc, are no different than the wild (and totally wrong) statements posed by every project fear ‘remainer’ expert going. From Mark Carney (he of Bank of England fame) down to police chiefs who predict chaos because they ‘may’ lose access to databases. I note she used the words ‘might affect’. so how about using the words ‘might not affect’. or more likely ‘will not affect’.

As for the need for visas for every country visited? Well before the dreaded EU got its clutches into the UK you could pick up a stamp at the arrival port of most European countries as with many of the other worlds countries (at no cost). In fact there are only some 40 odd countries in the world where UK citizen needs to apply for a visa (e-visa or other wise) before they travel. You still need to queue in European countries to have your passport inspected on arrival so no change there then? The only difference before the EU was now you do not get a little entry stamp. Those countries that charge for visas are outside of the EU so no change there either.

Ms Hart noted five points in her posting. I would gladly put up with all those minor irritations if the following five points were realised in return

1. Getting rid of the influence of the incompetent ECHR.

2. Getting back control of our borders.

3. Getting rid of the unelected buffoons in Brussels who tell us how to run our lives.

4. Getting rid of the corrupt CAP where a vast amount of our money is paid to land owners to do nothing.

5). Getting back control of our coastal waters and fishing rights.

That’s all I ask. Not much in an alleged democracy, when after all that is what the majority voted for two years ago.

Finally, during November of every year this country goes silent in remembrance of those that paid the ultimate price for defending the UK’s freedoms. Not just the UK but many other countries also.

The insidious creeping of EU laws and practices into the UK way of life, aided and abetted by many members of the rabid ‘remain’ camp would seem to contradict the purpose of every thing that was fought for and all that was lost.