The politic of transport

Copy of a letter to Amber Rudd, MP

Regarding the upcoming vote on HS2, I am wondering how you are going to cope with the dilemma of being an assistant whip and therefore presumably voting for the project and requiring your fellow party members to do the same, and, at the same time, fulfilling your role as a representative of your constituents in Rye and Hastings.

HS1 has brought no discernible benefit to our area and has indeed resulted in higher fares on the Hastings to London line. HS2 will do the same.

Local infrastructure is in dire need of improvement as your support for the Link Road demonstrates. The ridiculously high predicted cost of HS2 will inevitably lead to less local investment in infrastructure.

The manifesto commitment to HS2 concerned a cheaper project and one which was connected to Heathrow so it would not be breaking manifesto promises to vote against this alternative scheme.

You telephoned me shortly before the last election and promised that you would faithfully represent the views of your constituents rather than concentrate as your predecessor appeared to do on personal promotion. I am still unaware of any attempt on your part to canvass our views on HS2 any more than you did on your decision to vote in favour of gay marriage.

I would welcome some attempt to connect through the pages of the local press with the electorate on current issues on which you will vote.

I really don’t want to vote UKIP at the next election as I suspect that it would merely pave the way for a Labour led coalition. However, as it stands, I can’t see much point in voting Conservative either as your party seems to have abandoned its principles.

Peter Stephens

by email