The troublemakers show no respect

WATCHING the recent media reports of looting and violence in our major cities, will have caused the majority of Observer readers to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a relatively crime-free area.

We have our troublemakers here, who are annoying, but not to be compared in numbers or violence with the hoodies of say Tottenham, Croydon, Hackney etc.

However, the underlying problem here, and there, is the same: It is what could be called no REDS – no Respect, no Education, no Discipline.

Another factor locally, and elsewhere, is that legislation by both UK Governments and the EU has imposed stricter rules on the trouble-solvers (eg police and schools) than on the troublemakers.

This has made a difficult situation a virtually insurmountable one, and I cannot see it being solved by our misguided MPs, particularly one who, not so long ago, was telling us all to love a hoody.

John Hill