The whole town needs tidying

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In last week’s paper you asked, how neglected is Rye these days, and do we welcome the decision to employ a town steward? Firstly we must ask what the definition of Rye Town is.

Is the council referring to just the Citadel, or all of Rye? Everywhere you look there are signs of neglect and decay.

Some shops have their goods all over the pavements and makes it look as if someone has been fly tipping. If they are talking of all of Rye, one all singing and dancing man or woman would definitely not be enough. I think they should look at the bigger picture.

The whole town needs revitalising by turning it back into the town it once was. When my wife and I married in 1968 we had very little need to shop out of Rye, it catered for nearly all our needs.

Employment was plentiful with many business employing so many of the local people who were spending their hard earned wages in the town.

But what do I know? I was only born in Rye and have only lived fifty years of my sixty eight years in Rye.

Eric Streeton

Hillcrest. Rye Foreign