There are more important things for Rye to worry about

I DO not agree with Rye Town Council about the car wash near The River Haven Hotel being an eyesore and looking like a shanty town as you come into Rye.

I have driven past it and to be quite honest have never noticed it, unlike the boarded up properties in Fishmarket Road and in Ferry Road, which are both on main roads coming to Rye.

When the Total Garage closes down there will be another boarded up property, along with the Grist Mill building next to it.

Surely there are more important things for the council to worry about, than to close down a little business that keeps two men in full time employment.

There are enough shops closing down in the town, they should be encouraging people to come in to the town and set up in business.

Rye needs shops that sell a variety of things not just tea, antiques and expensive clothes shops.

I think a lot of people will agree with me, the council should put right more important things in Rye than worry about a little car washing business where you can get a lovely car wash for just a fiver.

Tess Hall