Thousands spent on renovations

AS chairman of Rye Community Centre Association I have to take issue with the report on page 3 of the Rye Observer, Friday April 20, issue.

Cllr Bernardine Fiddimore is quoted as saying ‘Rye Community Centre and the Monastery building are in a poor state’.

Should Cllr Fiddimore care to visit Rye Community Centre she would find a largely renovated building on which many thousands of pounds are spent each year on repairs and decoration.

I will be happy to escort her on a guided tour should she so wish it.

As to the ‘Monastery’ building I cannot speak for the owners, but have noted in recent weeks repair work being carried out on the roof of the building to make it weatherproof but, not being an expert on historical structures, could not comment on whether it is in a ‘poor state’.

I do agree that Rye desperately needs money spent on repairing roads, pavements and public amenities and perhaps the powers that be should consider spending some of the punitive local business rates on such purposes.

Geoff Boudreau

Rye Community Centre

Conduit Hill, Rye