Time for UK to walk away now

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Andrew Goddard, Pilot Road, Hastings

We can either waste the next 18 months playing silly games with the EU and paying them for the privilege, or we can keep all the cash and spend the next 18 months preparing to go it alone. That’s the business certainty we need.

It’s time for the UK to walk away now, and see how long it takes for the EU to come crawling back.

Read this article from Reaction.life: Time is running out: we need to start preparing for No Deal – https://reaction.life/time-running-time-start-preparing-no-deal/?email.

The difference between the EU referendum campaigns:

Remainers are allegedly fearful of the unknown if we leave, Brexiteers are genuinely fearful of the known if we remain.