Time to make Rye a no-fly zone?

Is it time to declare the skies over Rye a no-fly zone?

The flight path for takeoff from the proposed Lydd airport expansion will undoubtedly ruin the peace and tranquility of both Rye and Camber Sands to the detriment of local residents and tourists, let alone the birds at Dungeness.

I made my concerns plain to Amber Rudd, who kindly passed them on to the Secretary of State, and pointed out also that Manston airport is better placed connection-wise but has consistently failed to make a profit – so there must be concern that the near impossibility of reaching Lydd by public transport will be a seriously limiting factor.

Furthermore there is not only a risk to the Dungeness power station from any aircraft emergency, but a risk to aircraft from the army firing range.

On the plus side a new airport might force re-opening of the railway line from Appledore to Dungeness, and result in a vast improvement of rail services along the Marshlink. Without it, traffic onto the Ashford-Hastings Road will increase dramatically. But it appears the decision has been made, despite the concerns, so we will have to wait and see.

Dr Andrew Bamji, West Street Rye.