Torch allowed district to shine

Rother District Council would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who worked to make the Olympic Torch passing through the district such a huge success. It was a massive thrill for us to see so many people lining the streets in Bexhill and Rye, welcoming the runners and entering into the spirit of this once in a lifetime event.

Our work as the main organisers of the torch passing through Rother could not have happened as effectively without the help and support of a great number of people. We would especially like to thank the police, local Lions clubs, various community groups and traders in both towns. Most of all we would like to thank the public for making the event so memorable.

The coverage in the local and regional media showed the district at its very best, so well done everyone. Enjoy the Olympics and Paralympics this summer. Derek Stevens

Chief executive, Rother District Council.