Town move is backward step

After living in rural Icklesham for 30 years I looked forward to moving into a town and the facilities it had to offer. In my rural abode I felt lucky to be able to access BT infinity. Since moving to Vidler Square in Rye on 2 March I am back in the dark ages. I have no landline or broadband and my only Internet access from my home address is by 3G!

On the plus side I can go and sit in the adjacent playground and get wifi! In this day and age this failure of BT to connect us beggars belief. They have come up with one excuse after another. All of the residents of Vidler Square have been left equally stranded and despite regular correspondence with the complaints team I am no nearer to getting a service. Some residents have been here since before Christmas.

BT are clearly unable to provide an acceptable level of service to their public.

Anne Grainger

Vidler Square, Rye