Traders treated ‘disgracefully’ by EDF

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EDF’s treatment of Rope Walk and all the traders there is quite disgraceful.

If any of those traders mistakenly under-sold items in their shops, they would have no recourse to reclaim the difference from their customers.

It seems like there is one law for big business and quite another for the small trader.

The Government is pinning its faith on small private businesses to deliver an economic recovery, but what chance do they have when they are having to pay the price for big businesses’ mistakes?

If this company, which happens to be one of the areas’ main employers as it owns Dungeness, isn’t prepared to take a fair (rather than simply legal) view over this matter, every single private individual and business in Rye currently with an account with EDF should transfer their business elsewhere in solidarity with our fellow Ryers.

A mass boycott would soon lose them all the money they are seeking to extract from the entirely innocent victims of their gross inefficiency.

Andy Stuart

West Street, Rye