Transport solutions aren’t rocket science

The ongoing problems on the railway north of Battle have given commuters the chance to travel via Rye and on to London via the High Speed route. That in turn must be leading to more overcrowding on the totally inadequate two coach diesel trains that Southern operate to Ashford. Yet - it is on that route that potential remains untapped while that line remains largely single track, unelectrified and in stark contrast to the plush high speed railway from Ashford. Double track, electrified and slotted in with High Speed (as the Kent rail network is) could see 70 minute journey times to St Pancras with it’s excellent transport hub.

In the opposite direction - a reconstructed link between Pevensey and Polegate could cut journey times to Brighton, Gatwick, East Croydon and Victoria by 30 minutes. It will be possible to run more trains via Bexhill when the current resignalling scheme is completed hence being able to run to Eastbourne or avoid it. Hastings to Brighton in 35 minutes sound good?

Locally - there are obvious shortcomings. The model railway size carpark at Hastings station - many spaces taken by non rail users - needs enlarging and controlling so only rail users can park there. Glyne Glaring Gap and the ludicrous lack of a basic station to serve Ravenside (while £113 million is blown on the Link Road) remains a running sore. Ore station needs upgrading and a better service.

As elsewhere - it is often a case of reinstating what was there before. Very little need for rocket science!

Simon Stoddart

Wellis Gardens St Leonards on Sea