Trying to swallow a camel

Councillor Jenkins (letters Dec 6th) feels I have distorted the facts concerning the future of the Northiam Post Office with Jempson’s. Well, I had no intention to distort anything. If I didn’t get all my details right about the post office issue, well, sorry about that. Can’t help thinking, though, that in the case of Jempsons’ imminent arrival in Northiam we’re being asked to swallow a camel, while straining against a gnat.

(A gnat of my own, though. Cllr Jenkins asserted in the course of the Rother Planning Committee meeting of (Nov 14th) that the deliveries of fresh meat and veg to the new Jempson’s store will be on such a small scale that he can do the deliveries from the boot of his own car. Jempson’s might do well to take him up on this and save a fortune. Cllr Jenkins has clearly never heard a Jempson’s delivery lorry thunder past his bedroom window at daybreak.)

Gnats brushed aside, however. I discern a familiar pattern here. I’ve been an observer of local authorities in various parts of the UK for 30 years. Small local authorities - Northiam PC in this instance - will champion the small businesses in their midst. Bigger authorities will unfailingly give their support to the big guys. Anyone else noticed this? I’m still scratching my head, though, about what the reason could be for this. Can’t quite fathom it.

Anthony McDonald

Broadland Row, Brede