Turn oxygen off for road protestors

SO the facts confirm it. The A21 is so much a killer that we now know it to be one of the worst risk roads in the country.

It is the key communication from the Capital to the so deprived town of Hastings.

Now we must put pressure on central Government to action the grossly over-awaited upgrade to bring new life and hope to the whole county.

And Government has put the project back into long term funding.

Hold on a moment..We have uncovered a big problem - our ‘peaceful’ lunatic fringe in Hastings Alliance is committed to disrupt any road building in the county.

The truth is out and it is actually ugly. The Alliance is so twisted that it would prefer road users dead than agree that cutting out black spots and congestion areas can be dealt with by new construction.

The big sadness is that even the media is being duped by the Alliance at this time.

Stir up a demonstration, bring the county council’s business meetings to a stand – and where is the press but egging this aggressive and threatening behaviour by turning up the oxygen?

This is the very moment when press freedom starts to bring itself into disrepute, stepping over the line by trying to create the news rather than report it.

It is time that the antics of the Alliance and the aggressive hangers on had their oxygen supply turned off – because there are so many more important issues to resolve.

New look Observer is all the better for bringing the news. Please however do not fall into the trap of over-supporting the militant minority over the wishes and needs of a silent but very needy majority.

The call must be to get the A21 disgrace higher up the construction agenda – and much higher up the priority list.

Drop a line to our MPs and tell them your concern to cut the carnage.

Richard Tilden Smith

Church Cottages