UK sliding deeper in EU superstate

I AGREE entirely with Steve Overy (letters 28/10/11). British politicians restore democracy to Libya, but deny us democratic debate!

The Euro’s long expected self-destruction (the Lib-Dems still maintain we must join!) will bring about major changes to inter-EU Governmental relations, however a new treaty will be avoided at all costs for fear of a No! referendum from the tax-payers of Europe.

Poor David Cameron is deluded in believing we can recover powers from the EU.

He patently hasn’t read the Lisbon Treaty - but neither did Labour’s Minister for Europe before signing!

Even Greg Barker MP claimed “we voted to join the EU in the 1975 referendum”.

We did not such thing - but then he was only nine, in 1975! What chance has democracy?

And therein lies the problem. The promised debates on ‘the EU’ will never happen as all three leaders are committed to staying in, repeating ad nauseum the same tired, old, discredited, rancid, over-smoked red herring cliches of doom if we left.

Their claims are easily dismissed by UK and Eurostat data!

Even the EU Commission’s most fanatical Europhile, Neil Kinnock, has categorically stated “our trade with the EU would not be affected if we left” because we are members of the WTO, which forbids punitive tariffs and trade barriers.

But Clegg will not tolerate dissent – on anything!

Democracy demands we must be allowed open and honest debate on whether:

- we go ever deeper into the full-blown political EU superstate, its failed Euro currency and corrupt budgets

- withdraw into the non-political EEA and rejoin EFTA for truly global free trade, which the EU denies its own members

- withdraw from the EU/EEA to trade freely under WTO and UN rules along with the rest of the free world.

For pity’s sake UKIP, “Wake Up - Our Country Needs You!”.

Start presenting yourselves as a Government in-waiting, ready, willing and able to lead Britain and non-Eurozone nations out of this discredited EU, back into the free world. You will attract respect…and standing MPs.

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane