UKIP didn’t support UK fishermen

CONGRATULATIONS to our MEPs in negotiating such important reforms to the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. These will particularly help our local under 10 metre fishing boats.

Led by the Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson the Fisheries Committee almost unanimously voted to support the reforms. So which was the only party to vote in committee against a policy which will benefit the UK? Step forward Stuart Agnew UKIP MEP who reportedly said “My mandate is to vote No to everything.”

Those UKIP MEPs who could be bothered to turn up to the vote in the EU Parliament in the session at Strasbourg on December 10 2013 abstained from voting. Nigel Farage wasn’t present at all. He had rarely if ever attended the Fisheries Committee of which his still officially a member during the past four years.

Let this be a lesson to all those who may be tempted to vote UKIP as a protest vote in the European Elections in May. UKIP are relentlessly negative and have no constructive policies to offer. The only party which is prepared to get down to work and fight for British interests in the EU and the only party which can realistically offer a referendum on our membership of the EU is the Conservative party.

Zai Koder

Hobbs Lane