US system could have prevented crash

THE accident on the A21 last Monday could have been avoided if the motorists concerned had used the Smith driving system taught in the USA.

This requires motorists to stay a count of two seconds behind the motorist in front.

So, as the car in front passes a telephone post, tree, gate, shadow or whatever, the following motorist counts slowly (out loud if passengers are with them!) ‘nought one thousand, two thousand’ and adjusts their speed so that only at the end of that count do they too reach the telephone post etc.

I was taught that this system works at all speeds and takes into account both the varying reaction times of drivers and the effectiveness of most braking systems.

Had it been used that Monday, it would not have used scarce medical time, not blocked the A21 for three hours, and would have helped to reduce the insurance costs of all other motorists.

H M Gordon-Williams

Ewhurst Green