Village is already over-populated

I REFER to the article in last week’s Observer relating to the proposed new housing development site in Brede Lane, Sedlescombe.

I would say that as much thought has gone into this as went into the new village hall/community centre.

Never mind about the motor vehicle issues that have been muted by all and sundry, little regard has been considered in respect of the lack of infrastructure to sustain 50 new families in this over-populated village.

I have lived in Sedlescombe village for over 12 years, and had children at the village school since 1996. The school has always been oversubscribed.

One of the problems is, County allows pupils entry into the school from outside the catchment, including St Leonards and Hastings, (which both have primary schools), to facilitate maximum funding for the school.

The more pupils, the more cash it receives from County.

I have always been concerned at the real possibility of a sudden influx into the village of primary school-aged children.

With little or no contingency plans for this influx, where are these children going to be placed?

They may well squeeze a few more into the already over populated school, but as for the others, they will probably be allocated Hastings or St Leonards. What a travesty that would be!

Yes, there are plans in place to enlarge the school. But that will NOT involve additional class rooms and teachers. There lies the problem.

It is also unfair on the existing school children, and teaching staff, where in some classes two age groups are taught in the same room, simply due to lack of class rooms.

So how many school aged children will arrive at the new 50 house development? Then they will automatically be in the catchment for Claverham...another well-oversubscribed secondary school.

Then there is the question of Sedlescombe Surgery, and Battle Dental Surgeries...again both oversubscribed. But let’s just discuss motor vehicles, parking and pollution...far more important don’t you think?

As for bringing in more business to the village, yes the Village Store will do very well out of it, as so might the Queen’s Head. But that’s about it.

Over the past 18 years I have seen houses popping up like mushrooms - wherever there’s a space a property developer will build one.

At the end of the day, the one person who is sure to make a profit is the property developer.

And with the Government’s current plans to relax planning regulations for housing developments, we can expect more of the same. Poor Sedlescombe.

Ivor Llewellyn-Jones