Walking is the best exercise

I USED to be a Scout with Battle Scouts.

There was a German Scout troop, I think they might of been from Koblentz. They camped in Battle while they were here.

It was decided to make a return visit to Koblentz. The troop needed to raise some money,so they were able to buy a new patrol tent.

A sponsored walk from, The Tower of London to The 1066 pub, was decided on.

A couple of Scout leaders, John Crouch, Dave Davies and myself, did the walk.

I do not remember any of the walk, but we have several photos of us walking up by the Watch Oak, along with some of the Scouts.

I used to go hiking on the South Downs with some of my mates. Walking is the best exercise, it costs nothing and you can go anywhere.

When we use to live in Penhurst, we would often go walking over Tent Hill, the very place where William camped before the Battle.

I remember when I was at RAF Chessington, I was using a three-wheeled zimmer frame at the time.

Mum and dad came to the unit, to see how I was getting on.

I came home for that weekend and on the way back, dad asked John Robertson, my physio, will I be able to walk the Downs again.

Dad said John Robertson said he can see no reason why I can’t.

It took me seven months, after Mr Schurr did my operation, to walk unaided. My gait is not good, but it does slowly improve.

Walking is the best exercise,it costs nothing.

Johnnie Elliott

Starrs Mead