Warning of hazardous content in pamphlet

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(some of these words were underlined to make her point, not sure how we do it on here, so will correct when proofing)

If you have picked up a copy of Rother District Council’s pamphlet Next Wave, do not allow your children to read it.

The content is hazardous, as it could have a very adverse effect on their English, particularly their spelling.

Teachers spend ages explaining the difference between its and it’s, but clearly one teacher failed as you will find “...under it’s ‘Sea Change’ scheme!”

The same is true of effect and affect eg “This has had an affect….”.

Also we find “It was an amazing site…..”.

The shelters were apparently “….built off site just outside of Brighton…”, and the project team “…were holding their breaths…”.

Still I suppose it matches what is being said in the pamphlet! I hope they do not expect us to believe it!

Carole Woodland

Cooden Drive