‘Water’ sorry state of affairs we are in!

IN 1995 the European Union (EU) instigated one of its most bizarre regulations ordering that ugly carrots or curved bananas were against the law!

Their latest three year study employing 21 scientists at our expense has ruled that water is not allowed to be sold as ‘healthy’, the penalty being up to two years in jail.

So now the soft drinks industry, sports venues and shop keepers have to be very careful about the use of words like ‘rehydration’ using water and presumably other drinks with a water base, which is most of them.

Bewl Water reservoir at Lamberhurst near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, is the largest stretch of water in the East of England and is currently at its minimal level similar to September 2009.

Your readers may remember the summer of 1976 when there was such a shortage of water here in the south east that many houses suffered damage to their foundations due to the disappearance of the water table in the soil.

Such a drought with hosepipe bans can occur at any time and nature regularly taunts us by producing long dry spells as we are currently experiencing.

Yes, water is important but also vital for life so to get the EU coming up with expensively produced, ridiculous laws when we are all having to tighten our belts is an insult to our common sense.

The sooner we get out of this crazy law-making EU, the better!

Tony Smith

Brownbread Stud, Ashburnham