We are abandoned by authority

The recent letters to the Rye Observer show the town has been abandoned by the people we elected to look after our town and other custodians.

Just look at the state of Conduit Hill and the derelict sites around the town. What are our representatives on Rother District Council doing about it?

Sainsbury’s asked the spineless Rother District Council to use their CPO powers in 2011, but the fiasco continues, just like the cottages in Fishmarket Road with boarded up houses and derelict land that’s rat infested and resembles a jungle.

It’s now a year since Amber Rudd and a grinning Keith Glazier were on the front of the Observer. Many in the town blame Glazier and East Sussex County Council for selling to Sainsbury’s under the noses of Tesco.

Glazier has recently stated that the cycle path on the Harbour Road hasn’t been completed because of cutbacks in 2008, but it seems East Sussex County Council can build a £100 million road to nowhere.

I would also like to ask him two questions. Firstly, when he was in charge of the Rye Partnership, they paid £100,000 to demolish the old Central Garage. Was this money ever paid back when the site was sold?

Secondly, how much money has been wasted on the old Freda Gardham site? Thousands I’ve been told with a new roof etc. And how much money has been generated since it’s been open to all and sundry? I would appreciate truthful answers in next week’s Observer.

Around Winchelsea Road it looks like a war zone thanks to the Environment Agency ignoring the old garage site and surrounding area.

How long before Rye Police Station is closed? This huge building, under-used and under-manned, is as big a drain on the tax payer as the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill.

When are we going to get PCSOs on night duty? They get paid well and should be deployed like the Specials used to be at night. Then perhaps the vandalism, thieving and anti-social behaviour in this town will decrease.

J. Tolhurst

New Winchelsea Road, Rye