We are fed up of the Bexhill bias on council

How dare they!

I have to add to the protest of last weeks angry writers (Observer 4.3.11). It amazes me how Rother District Council has the gall to send out these glossy brochures, no doubt costing a tidy sum, to tell us with pride the many improvements they are planning for Bexhill.

Don’t they understand that we in Rye are already fed up with the unequal percentage of funding being spent on the De La Warr and a new museum! On top of that we are told that the Council needs to make cuts and savings. I bet those will affect Rye and Battle.

The Rye Museum volunteers are working their socks off to raise money for the repair of the roof of the Ypres Woman’s Tower. What about giving them a sizable contribution.

Why don’t the Chief Executives contribute to the Bexhill Scheme from their generous salaries rather than use funding that is supposed to support assets and development in Rye and Battle as well.

Heidi Foster