We demand parity parking with Bexhill

I note the letters expressing grave concern re parking charges in Battle,Rye and the villages compared to Bexhill and there is a serious anomaly. Bexhill has miles of central on street parking whereas the rural ares are severely restricted so that any charge within Council Car parks is grossly unfair. Bexhill does have a long sea front and that is where the anomaly can be rectified. If Rother D.C. would allow County to levy a parking charge on East and West Parades,the rural residents would see at long last a semblance of parity. I would suggest £1 per 2 hours, with residents concessions,a system that would not upset anyone and it would bring Bexhill seafront in line with the vast majority of Seafront parking in England and Wales .It would also catch the caravans etc as for £12 a day it would still be a bargain.I am not an expert on the finances of parking incomes but it would seem that an awful lot of money would be raised.

So come on Rother Councillors start to work with County and get rid of the unfair system between Bexhill and the rural communities.

David Foster

Henley Down Farm, Catsfield