We haven’t got a super market

Carol Kurrein’s letter in last week’s Rye Observer makes one smile, the truth of the matter is we haven’t got a supermarket the premises that Jempson’s are in is not big enough to be called a supermarket. Convenience store yes but even most of those open on Sundays. The shambles of the Ferry Road site thanks to three councils that couldn’t be bothered to all sit around the table with representatives of both Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s is a disgrace, as for some of these out of touch councillors allowing Rye’s biggest retail site in the High Street to become a library just goes to show we need new blood at next year’s election because some of these councillors are clueless. All Rye seems to consist of is coffee shops, junk shops and charity shops all nice for the tourists no wonder most locals have their food delivered or make the weekly trip out of town, Just look at Tenterden just a few miles up the road from Rye which has two supermarkets and a lot of thriving small shops, competition is healthy for all and it is time some of these councillors woke up to the fact.

J Tolhurst

New Winchelsea Road, Rye