We need clarity over finance

Dr. Barry Floyd wrote in last week’s Observer about the difficulties in disentangling the finances of our District Council in relation to Rye.

It is time that there was total clarity about how many are employed by the District Council, what is the role of each official,and how much each is paid.

We also need to know how much money is disbursed in grants to organisations and whether they are charities or other organisations such as the Rye partnership.

When a new Town Council is elected for Rye in two months time, its first task should be to investigate our town’s complex financial relationship with Rother.

Only then can the public obtain an objective assessment of what services could be cut, if any.

In the meantime the production of expensive colour brochures celebrating the District Council’s apparent achievements should stop immediately.

Keith Taylor,

Campaign for a Democratic Rye, Lion Street, Rye.