We need Link Road for future

I read the article that Chairman Erica Barrett wrote recently. None of us want this Link Road built,but we are living in 2015.

Surely,it will be better for everyone, if the Link Road is built. Traffic will only get worse in East Sussex. You think the traffic is bad now, what will it be like in twenty years time, with no Link Road.

I know it is smaller, perhaps you should go and use the Robertsbridge bypass. What a difference that has made to Robertsbridge. Did you ever drive through Robertsbridge, before the bypass?

I remember,in 1985, when I was at RAF Chessington. Dad would bring me home to Battle, they were still building the M25. Can you imagine life without the M25?

Hastings and Bexhill needs this Link Road, as I have said before, instead of protesting against it, you should be championing it. Remember, it is 2015 not 1066.

Johnnie Elliott

Battle, East Sussex.