We need more roads to support new link road

WITH the great news of the relief road approval, now we must demand the next stage to enable it to work most efficiently at the eastern end.

That means the vital connection onto the A21 at Baldslow to make most traffic sense and the reversal of the quite ridiculous cancellation of the improvement and connection to the A28 route to Ashford.

Notwithstanding the strength and conviction of pressure groups opposing this essential A259 construction – and with every sympathy for those who will be directly affected by being in its path – the go-ahead of this vital road is the start point of regeneration and economic revival of Hastings and adjoining areas. We must make the most of it.

Pillory the county council if you will, but the reality is that, as proved over again elsewhere, this decision will draw in critical new investment. Hastings has been deprived for far too long.

It will also help with new jobs to correct the appalling imbalance between public and private sector employment.

More incoming finance also triggers higher potential income for paying out on the council’s services currently being curtailed.

As Amber Rudd MP has led a winning campaign on this issue, let us now encourage her and her fellow members to press for the reinstatement of the A21 trunk road upgrade.

This was the recommendation of a major study some time back so it is not a new case, just an overly neglected one.

As the price has already been paid in lives, injuries, lost time and smashed vehicles, it would be entirely improper for this to be a toll road but a proper memorial to all who have passed.

The county needs all the new investment it can get.

Richard Tilden Smith

Church Cottages, Mountfield