We need promised debate on Europe

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I HOPE Sarah Owen (Labour’s new PPC) expresses her own educated opinion and not, by rote, exhausted party propaganda!

Labour never really supported the EEC, EU or Euro.

Harold Wilson opposed the EEC, granted a referendum on staying in the Customs Union (subject to re-negotiating terms, which never took place), while the Tories safeguarded Britain’s interests by opting out of the Euro.

Pro-EU ‘New Labour’ Blair willingly surrendered Britain’s rebate, interests and vetos while Gordon Brown made the Bank of England independent ready to join the Euro, and simultaneously destroyed our banking regulations with his failed FSA; this Ed Balls finally acknowledges, but where he and Miliband stand on Europe (economics, politics) is a mystery!

All EU members are obliged by treaty to join the Euro ‘at some time’.

The wise Swedish and Danish citizens have rejected the Euro; their governments now accept the will of their people, but they still need to safeguard themselves against the proposed Eurozone ‘rescue treaty’.

Sarkozy however, has repeatedly demanded Britain keeps out of the Eurozone’s affairs; Cameron dutifully obliges but is deemed ‘isolated in Europe’ while still expected to bail out the Eurozone!

Thanks to Gordon Brown’s refusal of a Lisbon Treaty referendum, we will forever be ‘isolated’ through the Treaty’s perverse Qualified Majority Voting system which ‘will speed up EU decision making’.

Cameron has now legitimately employed the Treaty’s “emergency brake”, yet the Eurozone will press on regardless, like lemmings, with a ‘new’ treaty which merely reiterates the existing terms which Germany, France, Italy and the EU had failed to enforce!

You couldn’t make this up!

The EU cannot now prevent the collapse of the Euro, and potentially the EU itself, for their citizens will not willingly welcome a dictatorial Union of European Socialist Republic technocrats without a referendum.

So if Cameron insists we stay ‘in the EU’, his only option now is to retreat into EFTA/EEA to enjoy tariff-free trade with the EU and 29 other nations, under WTO rules.

In preparation for the Eurozone collapse, we now need that honest debate which party leaders have promised, but never delivered.

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley