We stop the sinking of Maritime Festival

I was incensed to read about the probable cancellation of the Rye Maritime Festival this summer due to the refusal by Rye Town Council to grant £500 in support. I hope that as many people as possible will write to you, as I am doing, as their attitude seems very small-minded. Elsewhere in your newspaper The Rye Town Clerk is quoted as saying (referring to another subject) “The majority of parish and town councillors prefer to conduct their council’s business free of party politics. They are motivated solely by a desire to act in their community’s best interests.”

So, doesn’t supporting the Rye Maritime Festival come under the above heading - being of great attraction to many people from far and wide who come to Rye and spend money in the town. Rye is a tourist town and depends on these events to support the restaurants and shops and enhance its reputation. I’m sure that many people, including myself, would be willing to donate money towards the cost of this festival if that means it can go ahead - without the support of the Town Council.

(Mrs.) J.D. Weston

Park View, School Lane, Peasmarsh