Weekly cost for Battle tax rise is not a huge sum

Battle Town Council
Battle Town Council

From: George Kiloh, Old Blackfriars, Battle

I would be among the last people to depict Peter Mills (letter, March 29) as a grumpy old man.

He asks questions to which the council no doubt has good answers, though I am not privy to them. But he uses the campaigners’ old trick of denoting tax rises by percentage. We don’t pay our taxes like that – we use money.

I understand that the tax rise is some 17p per week, or rather under £9 pa; and that the proportion of the expenditure on the courtyard extension is some quarter of that. That seems to me not to be a huge sum to pay.

Much the same argument can be made against the letters from Bernard Brown and Ron Harris. The cost is small when viewed weekly or annually.

As to the Historical Society, I write not as its chairman but as an individual. The society has not been consulted on the latest plan and there can be no vested interest on my part.