What a carve up!

Last weeks’ letters in the rye observer from Paul Carey and Linda Lee made interesting reading, as how true they were and to the point.

Are we going to see another carve up, as anybody can fill in this questionnaire?

Remember the rye marina that was going to be built on the brown field site, but thanks to rye conservation society and their friends the second absent home owners it was thrown out. T

They are now building on a green field site north of Udimore Road, and the view of the brown field site from the Gun Garden resembles a shanty town, but why should they worry most of the time they are not even residing in the town in the week.

As Linda Lee stated, what is the point when we are asked what we want for this town and three useless councils cannot even get together and deliver what the people of Rye wish for, just like the library which was all done and dusted with out any consultation of the people of Rye.

I really don’t think I will vote for these councillors next year because they are all full of empty promises and most are eyeing up the Mayor’s Chair which hardly any of them deserve

J Tolhurst, New Winchelsea Road, Rye.