What a wonderful place Sussex is

I recently visited Ashburnham Place,what a lovely place to visit. I use to live in Penhurst, Penhurst was on the Ashburnham Estate.

Lady Ashburnham,was the last of the Ashurnham line. There was a vault,where all the Ashburnham family are.

Iam not sure of all the details,but say there where 25 places for the Ashburnham family.

Lady Catharine,was the last person before the vault was closed.

John Bickersteth,was a cousin,and was left the Estate. There were lots of death duties,and so had to sell lots of the original Estate.

John Bickersteth,was a vicar. The Ashburnham Christian Trust was born.

There was a Brickyard on the Estate,lots of bricks and many other things were made.

I used to live at Little Beech Oast,my dad converted it in, 1985, when I left RAF Chessington, we moved there.

Dad also worked on other buildings in Penhurst. Penhurst Church,the barns opposite,and several other buildings in the village as well.

The Ashburnham brick had no frog,they were quite heavy.

Jack Harmer,used to live in Ashburnham,he worked at the Brickyard. He gave a talk about the Brickyard and what life was like on the Estate.

Dad did some research into the oast,I think it was built in the 1600’s. There may of been, two oasts,I believe they were square.

If you want to see want to see, what a great building Asburnham Place was,have a look on the web.

Better still,if you want to see what real Sussex countryside looks like,visit Ashburnham.

Capability Brown, created lots of the grounds in Ashburnham, it really is worth a visit.

If you want to see true Sussex countryside,it is a must.

Sadly, when my dad died of Embolism in the Conquest, living in such a rural countryside,meant we had to move back into town.

It does give me a real buzz though,whenever I visit Penhurst or Ashburnham.

Penhurst is the place to be, true Sussex countryside.

Johnnie Elliott