What about the Abbey car park?

IN last Friday’s Observer was a report saying that the winter opening times for Battle Abbey would be the same as last year: ie opening at the weekends and closed on weekdays, unless for some special booking.

I have no argument with that, but unfortunately, what this report did not say was that whereas last year English Heritage members could purchase car parking tokens during the week from the Tourist Information Centre (based inside the Abbey reception area), that office no longer exists, so EH members now need to know how and from where to obtain their car parking tokens to enable them to exit the site during the week.

As I understand it, this will be possible only when the Abbey is open at the weekends, and even then only a limited number of tokens will be issued per member.

If English Heritage wish to question my understanding perhaps they would do so through the Observer, as I’m sure many local residents and visitors would be interested to know all the facts.

John Hill