What happened to Battle proms?

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Paul Sedgwick, Langton Close, Battle

Whatever happened to the Battle proms?

It’s a few years now since we lost the wonderful and clearly successful Battle Prom concerts, but for what reason?

For several years, we were treated to a great event in the heart of Battle. An evening of wonderful classical music being performed by a top orchestra to a huge audience of many thousands wining and dining in a wonderful setting.

Sold out every year for years on end and suddenly – it stopped. Why?

I was reminded of it tonight while listening to a programme about William Walton.

His ‘ Spitfire prelude’ was always a highlight of the evening, played while a real Spitfire flew over the battlefield giving everyone a patriotic lump in the throat.

Was it some sort of bureaucracy or health and safety issue?

Surely, these most wonderful concerts could be re-established, why would anyone not want that to happen for the good of the town, and for the huge pleasure given to thousands of concert goers?