What is shown by these crop marks?

Caldbec Hill, Battle
Caldbec Hill, Battle

I live on Caldbec Hill, Battle where it is thought King Harold had his camp. Now, as you know, some people think it the real site of the Battle of Hastings. As this debate is hotting up I would like your readers to see a photo(s) I took in 2011 of some autumn crop marks in the field at the back of my house.

These have been sent to various archaeological groups and they are very excited; especially as there is a view that a Roman villa must be situated in this area and associated with the Beauport Park Roman Bathhouse nearby.

Some years ago a metal detectorist brought some small bronze objects into Battle Museum of Local History for identification. He had found them on Little Park farm off Marley Lane and covering the area on Caldbec Hill that I have photographed. They were Roman.

I do not know who owns Little Park Farm now but would be grateful if through your columns I could ask the readers if they can throw some light on these mysterious markings. Roman Villa? Harold’s camp? Cattle enclosure? long gone farm buildings? They indicate a large structure of some sort on the brow of the hill.

If the farm owner reads this even better! Perhaps come the autumn I will be able to see some research activity out of my window!

Anne Ainsley MBE

Caldbec Hill, Battle